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For The Love Of The Loaf: A Tasty Sneak Peek Inside The New Superba Food + Bread

We have to put an end to breadshaming in Los Angeles! Instead of going gluten-free, feel free to enjoy gluten at its finest at Superba Food + Bread. The new restaurant from Paul Hibler (Pitfire Pizza, Superba Snack Bar, and more), which was said to open April 3 but then pushed back to "sometime this week" at 1900 Lincoln Boulevard.

Hibler is on a roll, having opened seven restaurants in just 20 months. If all of the restaurants are his family, he describes Superba Snack Bar on Rose Avenue as the "naughty child" and this restaurant as the nicer sibling. Superba Food + Bread transforms the old B&S auto repair shop on Lincoln into a modern and bright 100-person indoor/outdoor dining space, with an equally modern and bright menu. We have to give a shout-out to the design team responsible for the transformation—not only for their beautiful work, but also for their name: Design, Bitches. Love that.

Each element of the Superba Food + Bread experience is thoughtfully crafted. The selection of Stumptown coffee and espresso drinks is curated by Tyler Wells, formerly of Handsome Coffee. The gorgeous desserts such as the Superba Candy Bar (chocolate mousse, Marcona almonds, caramel, and sea salt) and the Torta Philadelphia (cream cheese, Sicilian pistachio, meyer lemon, and mascarpone) are the genius of Lincoln Carson. Executive Chef Jason Travi is serving up starters like Coconut Kaya Toast and entrees that include Rotisserie Leg of Lamb with roasted carrot yogurt and Arctic char with pea tendrils. And, of course, we can't leave out the bread—THE BREAD! Jonathan Eng is responsible for the fantastic bakery items, including our favorite: the pretzel croissant.

The menu will also feature a "supper of the day," which promises to be fried chicken every Sunday. Mmm. Hibler is so excited about the food at his newest Superba outpost that he says, "I built a place that I literally can't go to," for fear of becoming addicted to the menu.

The eatery is an all-day affair and will be open from 8 a.m. to midnight, serving breakfast, coffee, lunch, and dinner on weekdays, and brunch and dinner on weekends. Hibler says there is no word for this type of restaurant in the United States. It's not a diner. In Italy, it would be a trattoria. In France, a brasserie. In Venice, California? The word is simply SUPERBA.

Superba Food + Bread // 1906 Lincoln Blvd. Venice 90291

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