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Bun in the Oven: Superba Food & Bread

Construction started last week at Superba Food & Bread, due to debut in December at 1900 Lincoln Blvd., the former B & S Auto Body Shop. (Note: there are four lots that comprise the site, including B & S, which is at 1906. Part of the process was to tie the lots together and give the property a single address. So they picked 1900.)

The sister locale of Rose Ave.'s Superba Snack Bar will focus on housemade bread instead of hand-rolled pastas. (Again with the carbs, Superba, and we love you for it.) Expect a menu that transitions from pastries in the morning to tartines at lunch and family-style dishes at sundown. Takeout baked goods and local bread delivery service are also planned for the new endeavor from Snack Bar's owner Paul Hibler, chef Jason Neroni, and architect/ design team Rebecca Rudolph and Catherine Johnson of Design, Bitches.

Here's a look at Food & Bread's concept designs from Rudolph and Johnson who've worked with Hibler on previous projects including Superba Snack Bar,  Hibler's former Venice residence on Walnut, and custom office furniture for his burgeoning restaurant incubator American Gonzo Food Corp. Johnson also worked with Hibler to design Mar Vista's Pitfire Pizza while she was at Bestor Architecture, prior to the creation of Design, Bitches. Rudolph and Johnson are also behind the branding and design of the Coolhaus brick and mortar in Culver City and the just-opened Coolhaus in Pasadena

"For the Food & Bread project we're really inspired by artist studios of the '80s in Venice and workshops," says Rudolph. 

French cafe tables, colorful stools and communal bench seating are some of the mainstays carried over from Snack Bar's style, but Food & Bread will draw on industrial elements inherited from the former auto shop, including the wood truss ceiling, portions of the walls and the original structure openings where a garage door used to be.

"We're putting in a new garage door where the existing one was on the front of Marco Place, so there's going to be a little bit of a play with the idea of a garage," says Johnson. 

However, this garage door is going to be lined on the interior with graphic black-and-white wallpaper, which  is becoming somewhat of a Design, Bitches trademark. It appears in various patterns on multiple projects, from the interiors at Snack Bar and Coolhaus, to the entryway of the Walnut home, which is papered in a playful whale print.


"We're very influenced by our surroundings in L.A. and the neighborhoods that are here and the kind of ugly beauty of it," says Rudolph. "But we're both architects and we went to design school, so we have other things that we're inspired by from the history of design and modernism, so we mix it all together." 

Textiles are another important detail in their design. At Superba, outdoor diners can bundle up with Mexican blankets (a colorful fixture at Venice Boardwalk vendors), which are draped onto the back of their seats. At Food & Bread, Johnson says that they'll be using moving blankets as upholstery to incorporate the feel of a production studio.

"Food & Bread is sort of the lighter, brighter cousin of Snack Bar," says Johnson. The branding is similar, but for Food & Bread it's more of a hand-drawn version of Superba. So they're always playing with one another without being exactly the same."

Other custom details will likely include beach cruisers, which will be used to deliver fresh bread daily throughout the neighborhood.

On a side note, if you're too excited to wait until December for Food & Bread's delivery service, you can have fresh Pitfire Pizza dough delivered to your door every Wednesday from the Venice Merchant


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