Rose Avenue Sweets Assorted Caramels

Rose Avenue Sweets Assorted Caramels


Assorted chocolate-covered caramels made one small batch at a time. This 12-piece assorted box includes three of Rose Avenue Sweets' most popular caramels, each named after streets in Venice.

The Amoroso: Dark chocolate-covered caramels dusted with rosella and Maldon sea salt  

The Flower Ave: Raspberry caramel covered in white chocolate and dusted with crushed rose

The Windward: Dark chocolate covered caramels topped with toasted coconut

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Sonya Nimri Rose Avenue Sweets

Meet The Maker // Sonya Nimri

As a professional stylist, costume designer and crafter, Sonya brings ideas to life, and she inspires others to do the same. She's a writer for eHow and has made several TV appearances, including the Today Show. She's also a working mom with two young boys and a busy schedule. In 2014 she turned a holiday tradition into a family business and launched Rose Avenue Sweets, offering her famous chocolate-covered caramels to Venice Beach and beyond.