California Scrub Co. Coffee Body Scrubs // Babe In The Woods

California Scrub Co. Coffee Body Scrubs // Babe In The Woods


An all natural, super exfoliating facial and body scrub made with upcycled, sun-dried coffee grinds and nourishing essential oils; 8 oz. each; Choose from the following blends. Made in Venice.

Babe In The Woods: A sophisticated and sensual blend of earthy aromatics including vetiver, cedarwood and clove.

Spicy Chai: An invigorating mix of anti-inflammatory cinnamon with sweet vanilla makes a deliciously indulgent blend.

Sweet & Sirene: This botanic blend with the calming components of lavender and the aphrodisiac effects of ylang-ylang create a seriously sultry scrub.

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California Scrub Co.

Meet The Makers // Elizabeth Ripps & Amelia Swaggert

Through friends of Facebook friends, Elizabeth Ripps and Amelia Swaggert realized that they not only ran in the same social circles, but they also shared a similar goal of creating an all-natural body scrub, minus the plastic microbeads. Commonly used in exfoliation products, once those bitty plastic beads rinse off in the shower, they run right out into the ocean, and these beach-loving California dreamers wanted to do their part to put an end to that.

Elizabeth, a native New Yorker who followed her heart and the sunshine to Venice about five years ago, was working on natural sugar scrubs when she met Amelia. And Amelia, a marketing director at Full Circle Venice, who moved from Minneapolis in 2011, wanted to create a beauty product with all those used coffee grinds tossed away every morning. They joined forces at the start of 2015 and launched California Scrub Co., small-batch, coffee-based scrubs. Aromatic essential oils are mixed in to create sultry blends that slough off dry skin and nourish head-to-toe for a healthy glow.

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