Maker Submission


Welcome Venice Makers

As you might have noticed, we love telling the stories behind the goods we find and love in our neighborhood. Are you a Venice-based maker of something amazing? We’d love to showcase your talents! We made it very simple for you to get started. 

Fill out the form down there along with sending us links to products that best showcase what you do. We will let you know within a week if it’s a fit with our site. If it is, we'll be in touch to get to know more about you and your work. 

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What Do We Sell?

Lots of stuff! We feature everything from jewelry and ceramics to greeting cards, chocolate and wood slab bar tables. Our most important consideration when adding new items to the Marketplace is whether they're locally and lovingly made, quality crafted items, with great stories behind them.

How Much Do We Charge?

We only make money when you make money. Together we set the retail price and from time to time set sales or discounts with your help. Everything is a collaboration.  For each sale, we earn a 20% commission.

How Many Products Per Maker?

We prefer to the limit the display of products by one maker to a maximum of five at a time. But please do send as many options you would like us to consider. We might decide to photograph all of them and then rotate them into the Marketplace.

Who Handles Shipping?

You will handle fulfillment with a very simple process we've set up. Once an order comes in, we send you an email with the purchase order details along with a standard size, pre-paid shipping label. We ask that you send out the product within three business days (or another mutually agreed upon time for products that are made-upon-order).

When Do You Get Paid?

We send you a check within 14 days after the sale occurs.

Who Handles Photography?

If you have high-quality photos of your products, we will certainly consider them as long as they fit our current stylesheet. But, we prefer to shoot all products with our professional photography staff otherwise known as Robyn and Brooke. We schedule product shoots once a month and just require a loan of the product in order to do them. For makers only, we allow you full use of those photos as long as you give us some love back and credit Lincoln & Rose along with a link.