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Namaste To The Setting Sun At Beach Yoga

( Photo courtesy Beach Yoga With Brad And Friends)

(Photo courtesy Beach Yoga With Brad And Friends)

Endless summer. Endless yoga. As other locales begin to welcome fall leaves, retailers' windows switch from swim to sweaters, and Starbucks prepares for pumpkin spice lattes, we here in Southern California chuckle a bit as we are still surfing, barefoot, sipping cold brew and basking in our endless summer. We recently discovered a new activity for anyone who might enjoy a little downdog in the ocean breeze, savasana on the sand and Namaste to the setting sun. It's Beach Yoga with Brad and Friends at Tower 29. 

Started in July 2008 by local yoga teacher Brad Keimach, beach yoga was the answer to so many students’ desires to be outdoors.

“Sunsets are so beautiful and magical here, and I am hopeful that more people can avail themselves of these moments," says Keimach. 

Due to the glorious weather, beach yoga is actually year round here and we can get our downdog sandy on weekends or during sunset yoga on various weeknights. Meeting at Lifeguard Stand 29, just down Marine Street and a stone’s throw from one of our favorite spots, the Venice Ale House, yogis gather to salute the sun.

Brad owns the weekend shifts guiding up to 80 sandy yogis every Saturday and Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m. at the water’s edge. The weekly lineup of teachers meet in time for sunset viewing with class starting at 6:15 p.m. Monday through Friday. Teachers include Mary Beth LaRue (Mondays), Kathy Bingham (Tuesdays and Fridays), Brad himself (Wednesdays), and Kyra Anastasia Sudofsky (Thursdays).

Each class is $10 per person. (Bring cash and your yoga mat or beach blanket.)

When asked about his favorite takeaway from years of Beach Yoga with friends, Brad says, "The folks who find both expected and unexpected peace and equanimity during the practice. We all hope they can carry that peace into their lives apart from the class. The bottom line is that we all want to experience peace and happiness. Yoga is a great practice to develop the tools to live happier lives, by calming and quieting the mind. Developing that skill is the opportunity that asana practice offers. Practicing on the beach enhances that process to an infinite degree.”

Take advantage of the beautiful environment we call home. Treat yourself to a golden sunset as you breathe in a sweet yoga class by the sea. Just try not to be too boastful when you share a pic of beach yoga as your friends are Instagramming fall foliage. See you on the sand, at Lifeguard Station 29. Namaste.

Jacki Carr is a personal goal coach, brand consultant and the co-creator of Venice-based startup Rock Your BlissRead more about her mission involving "more wine and less whine" with yoga + goals workshops and retreats.


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