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Westside And Eastside Face Off In #WELA Challenge

Tasting Kitchen or Perch? Blind Barber or Seven Grand? Three Twins or MILK Ice Cream? You see where this is going.

In its vast metropolis of patchwork neighborhoods, our fine city has so much to offer in endless exploration. And yet, with the abundance of local offerings, we often find ourselves imagining how much fun we'd have experiencing those other faraway places while complacently spending weekend after weekend here at home on the Bestside. 

The Westside.

But we have to admit; the last few times we played in Downtown LA, we didn't want to come home. Fortunately our friends at Yeti, a startup here on Main Street in Santa Monica, are pushing us out of our shell a little bit. They've teamed up with Curb (formerly Taxi Magic) and made it easy to discover some of the best places on the West and East (and everything in the middle) sides of LA without having to drive. And they're offering a bunch of great prizes – including some sweet Lincoln & Rose swag – as extra incentive to get out and soak in the best of what LA has to offer.

Here's what to do

1. Download the free Yeti App on your phone
2. Go to your favorite spot in LA and take a photo. Click here for recommendations
3. Post it on Yeti using the hashtag #WELA
4. More details and such over here

The #WELA contest runs until Sunday, October 14, and we too will be playing along for fun. In addition to posting some of our favorite spots here in Venice, keep an eye out for some Yeti pics from us this Saturday. We'll be in Chinatown for the opening of Catfe and following that up with some arcade action at EightyTwo. See, we get out every once in a while, and we've got nothing but love for all sides of you, LA.

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