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Vintage Venice Movie Posters Pop-Up Gallery

Photo: Merchant Modern

Photo: Merchant Modern

Two of our favorite mid-century mod/ Cali lifestyle shops around town are coming together to debut an enviable collection of vintage Venice movie posters.

The private stash of more than 600 posters, from silent films through the '80s, belongs to Stephanie Stuart, owner and curator of The Golden State Store on Rose Ave. Her dad used to work in film, and she's be amassing the prints for decades, she tells the LA Times. Tonight she's featuring a batch from the '60s and '70s at a pop-up gallery hosted at another nearby MCM shop in Santa Monica, Merchant Modern, which opened just a few months ago.

While you're there you can pick up other collectibles like a macrame plant hanger or a colorful wall tapestry to hang alongside your new piece of Venice history. The pop-up gallery will be on display until August 28. For more info, email Venice Poster Gallery at info@venicepostergallery.com

Merchant Modern // 3002 Lincoln Blvd. Santa Monica CA 90405

The Golden State Store // 564 Rose Ave Venice CA 90291

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