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Venice Daybreakers Dance The Night Away

Dancing the night away took on a whole new meaning this a.m. as early risers welcomed the sun at LA's debut Daybreaker dance party held from 6:30 to 8:30 at Wurstkuche.

Communal tables and benches at the popular German beer house and exotic bratwurst locale on Lincoln Blvd were set to the side, opening up a dance floor that hasn't seen this much action since Wurstkuche replaced Air Conditioned, the former bar and dance club that closed a few years ago.

As sunlight poured into the space, guests were sipping on complimentary iced coffees and snacking on granola bars, dancing under jellyfish props and jumping in and our of dance circles to the techno beats of DJ Eric Sharp and accompanying brass horns band.

Now that Daybreaker has landed in LA, there will be more to come, according to founders Matthew Brimer and Radha Agrawal, who quieted the music and invited everyone to sit on the floor as they explained their wholesome performing arts experiment. Their idea to bring people together for roving pre-work dance parties started last December in Brooklyn. They've since hosted Daybreakers throughout New York, San Francisco and London.

They also want to use the gatherings as an opportunity to highlight local musicians, so in a grand finale, they welcomed Magic Giant for a few songs before everyone headed out to start their day. 

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