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Jewelry Designer Nita Blum Shares Five Favorite Spots For A Golden Moment

Golden Plume Jewelry designer Nita Blum moved to LA five years ago in hopes of finding a more creative, less corporate opportunity in filmmaking, but after one night of jewelry making at Venice's Kiki Designs with a friend she was, ahem ... hooked. Two years later, her handcrafted jewelry, inspired by sunny days and west coast living, has become equally popular among stylists, brides-to-be and fellow yogis. When she's not shopping for natural stones or Reiki-ing amethysts, you might find her at one of these preferred spots relaxing and re-energizing around the Marina and Venice Beach. (Photos courtesy Golden Plume)

1 having coffee and yoga reading .jpg
teaching yoga at mothers beach.jpg

Rose Cafe
"Love to catch up on yoga reading and journaling with an amazing cup o'joe."
Rose Cafe // 220 Rose Ave., Venice CA 90291

Mother's Beach
"Teaching yoga to my friends and clients on Mother's Beach in the Marina."
Mother's Beach // 
4101 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey, CA 90292

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Venice Pier
"Taking in the afternoon sun on the beach near the Venice Pier."

Cafe Gratitude.jpg

Cafe Gratitude
"Catching up with a good friend over amazing healing food at Cafe Gratitude."
Cafe Gratitude // 512 Rose Ave., Venice CA 90291

Moon Juice
"Moon Juice Makes me :) every time I step in there!"
Moon Juice // 507 Rose Ave., Venice CA 90291

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