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Yoga Instructor, Jewelry Maker and 'Shiny Soul' Rachelle Tratt Shares Her Favorite Places In Venice

Rachelle Tratt is a self-proclaimed dreamer who followed her heart and yogic journey to Venice five years ago where she found the inspiration to launch The Neshama Project, a collection of handmade hamsa jewelry that delivers love and light to all the shiny souls who wear them. Neshama is Hebrew for soul, and the 'N' is a tribute to her mother, Nicole, who passed away when Tratt was nine. The hamsa is a symbol of happiness, protection and good health, and each necklace from The Neshama Project reminds its wearer to seek bliss and appreciate the beauty within themselves and the world around them.

Although this free-spirited, world traveler fancies herself a wanderer, she is also an ambitious Virgo who thrives on a to-do list, so we asked Tratt to jot down a few recommendations of her favorite places around the neighborhood and why they bring her joy. (Photos courtesy Rachelle Tratt and @TheNeshamaProject via Instagram.)

Photo courtesy of Rachelle Tratt

Photo courtesy of Rachelle Tratt

The Yoga Collective
"You can usually find me here teaching on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 8pm and Friday and Sunday at 11am.  If I am not teaching, I am usually practicing with our amazing teachers that I am lucky to call friends. It is a beautiful local community vibe kind of studio, and an urban sanctuary to breathe, sweat, and connect."
The Yoga Collective // 512 Rose Ave., Venice CA 90291

Cafe Gratitude
"Yummy food, community vibe, and positivity infused with every meal. Where else can you go and order an 'I am whole' or 'I am celebrated'? It is rare that I eat here and don't run into someone that I know. I love having places to go where you can eat healthy food, and feel a part of a greater community at large."
Cafe Gratitude // 512 Rose Ave., Venice CA 90291

Photo courtesy of Rachelle Tratt

Photo courtesy of Rachelle Tratt

The Venice Farmers' Market
"Every friday morning I take Bailey on a walk to the Farmers' Market. I love shopping locally and building relationships with vendors. I am obsessed with the Korean vendor. I usually come home with boxes of fermented veggies and their spicy tempeh to last me all week....mmmmm.....and I love Maggies Farms. They have the best baby kale to use in salads, and the guys who run it are super sweet and fun. I buy myself fresh flowers here too, as a symbol and reminder of letting go of the week, and bringing beauty into the weekend ahead, which was a tradition passed down from my grandmother. She was the first to say, "You don't need a man to buy you flowers, buy them yourself! You deserve them!'"

"'Please oh please may I have a Hempi-nental?' The home of my warm, organic, local, latte infused with hemp milk that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I love that people come here, and sit outside, and take time to enjoy their drinks with their dogs and friends." 
Groundwork Coffee // 671 Rose Ave., Venice CA 90291

Photo by  A shley Turner

Photo by Ashley Turner

The Beach
"On a sunny day, you can either find me laying on the sand with a book and some good tunes or on a run with my golden-doodle pups, Bailey. I am lucky to live a mile from mother nature's beautiful waves. There is something so calming yet rejuvenating about the beach. It reminds me to pause and experience the beauty that exists all around me."

Sunny Spot
"I live a few blocks from Sunny Spot, so it's nice to be able to walk over to a local spot where you can order fresh brewed ginger beer with a kick! The added bonus of this place is that everything is turquoise, which happens to be my happy color." 
Sunny Spot // 822 W Washington Blvd., Venice CA 90292

Rachelle Tratt Cafe Buna.JPG

Cafe Buna
"Nothing like having your local coffee spot a block away from where you live. Everyone is super friendly, inviting, their almond latte is heavenly, and the food is delicious! I mean any place that has an option for both sweet potato fries and sweet potato tater tots is doing right in by me!"
Cafe Buna // 3105 Washington Blvd., Marina del Rey CA 90292

The Studio (MDR)
"This ain't your momma's type of pilates class. This is what I like to call 'pilates on crack!.' Classes are on a megaformer and set to really loud and fun music that gets your juices going! Just steps away from the ocean, Studio MDR is bright, colorful, clean and provides not only a killer workout but a super sweet community experience. All the teachers inspire you to challenge and grow, while the front desk staff's caring demeanor make you feel fully taken care of. Just a fifteen minute walk for my pups and I, you can usually find me here at least twice a week getting my fix of my pilates crack." 
The Studio (MDR) // 
330 Washington Blvd, Unit B, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

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