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Meet The Maker: Fel Los Angeles

Meet The Maker: Fel Los Angeles

After years designing for top fashion brands, Fel Adessa is quickly establishing her own line of handbags and remixed Levi's denim jackets. Her namesake collection features exotic textiles in an array of colors and patterns, which she personally handpicks and reimagines into limited collections of unique accessories and apparel. Fel was a featured maker in the Lincoln & Rose holiday gift shop and now a welcomed addition to our online shop of locally made goods. Shop her collection here! Each of her items is one-of-a-kind, and once it's gone, it's gone, so act fast. But first, we met up with the talented maker to get the story behind the storefront.

What's the story behind Fel Los Angeles?

Fel kind of happened by accident. I wanted an functional tote bag for my personal everyday use, but also wanted it to be quality, original and in line with personal taste. I have always loved vintage textiles and leather so it was natural for me to mix the two. People noticed the bag and I started making a few for friends. The First & Last Tote was the first style, and as with any creative project, one thing just leads to another. We now offer 10 bag styles + jackets and are designing new pieces all the time.

Who is your fashion icon?

I tend to admire people who stay true to who they are, I think that is personal style at its best.

What's an item on your to-do list that you're excited about?

I'm really excited to share the Fel Los Angeles line in NY and Dallas for the first time this year. Fel combines all of my passions for design, textiles, travel and craft, so I love to talk about the work and share it with people.

When you need a boost of creative inspiration how do you get it?

Inspiration is everywhere! People, nature, fashion. But really the fabrics are always the initial inspiration. When I find one that is really special my eyes start watering and I feel a wave of euphoric energy, I sometimes feel a little dizzy. I swear it feels like love! It always keeps me searching for more.

If someone's visiting from out of town, where do you take them?

I always take people for a stroll around the Venice Canals. The Lake Shrine meditation gardens on Sunset Blvd. are incredibly beautiful. Temescal Canyon for a hike and maybe a drive through Malibu for that amazing view.

What are a few of your favorite spots around Venice?

The Barnyard as a neighborhood favorite, it is warm and friendly, prices are good and the food is delicious. The French Market Cafe is my favorite secret spot for brunch, it feels sort of private and has simple but good food. There is a mini grocery there too with lots of imported things like champagne, chocolate, and French fashion magazines—perfect for a lazy Sunday. 

If you could have any celeb spotted wearing Fel, who would it be?

I think it would be Caroline De Maigret.  She is her own woman and leads a full life: mother, wife, model, music producer, she has great personal style too. I would love for her to wear Fel.

What are 3 essentials for staying on top of your game?

Staying true to myself. Remembering to have fun. Saying yes to opportunities.

What's on your essential reading and playlist?

I just finished The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. It was kind of life changing. Something I want to re-read over and over again. And DVF's autobiography. She tells her story of love, life, all the ups and downs of her business and personal life. So inspiring. My playlist is MBE every morning and TV On The Radio is a favorite.

Is there anything else you really want readers to know about you and your gorgeous goods? 

Fel Los Angeles as a channel for Giving: I cherish and am grateful for my curiosity for culture & travel and creative expression. These interests were born from two opportunities I was fortunate enough to experience as a young person: living abroad in Spain as a teenager, which really opened my eyes to the world. A few years later I was awarded a full scholarship to the Rhode Island School of Design, which allowed me to follow my passion for design and create for a living.

My dream for Fel Los Angeles is for it to become a channel for giving and do the same for others.  Each Fel product has donation credit built into it. These funds go to Arts Education and Cultural Exchange programs. In the future, the goal is to send students to travel, explore and create the lives of they have dreamed of.

Shop Fel Los Angeles

Shop Fel Los Angeles Handbags and denim jackets

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