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Lincoln And Roses: Artwork by Hunter Culberson

Artwork by Venice artist Hunter Culberson

What better day than Presidents Day to share this incredible illustration of Lincoln made of roses, designed for us by Hunter Culberson, local artist and creator of Venice-based LBRNTH Clothing Co.

Launched in November 2013, Culberson's garments are made of 100 percent organic, GMO-free cotton or hemp with low-impact dyes in Downtown LA, the purest canvas he could find for the artwork that he creates in collaboration with his brother. He says he never set out to be a clothing designer, but loved the idea of using ethically made, environmentally friendly materials to emphasize the importance of quality, care and kindness when producing art and fashion.

"As a designer I look to create really comfortable, attractive clothing that isn't harmful to the environment," he says. "Everything that I make is handmade in LA and all organic. The company LBRNTH was created by my brother and I, and is an outlet to produce art and spread the good vibe. Living in Venice there is no shortage of inspiration so I try to incorporate these feelings of community and positivity into the work."

The labyrinth is used as a symbol of transformation and self-betterment. Upon entering a labyrinth, one is supposed to consider a quandary and meditate at the center. They leave with a sense of clarity and understanding about their choices. It's Culberson's mission to create clothing with a higher purpose, that feels as good on the outside as it does on the inside.

We love what you're doing, Hunter! Thanks for the sweet design and we look forward to seeking out more LBRNTH goodies throughout Venice shops very soon.

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