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HomeState: Texas Migas and Frito Pie

We've got a lot of love in our hearts for the Lone Star State, and we've come to realize that Venice is full of forever-Texans like Robb Aguirre, the general manager at Baby Blues BBQ, Selena Souders, the owner of Big Red Sun, Cindy and Curtis Ripley, the owners of Luna Garcia Pottery, and the one-time-Austin-resident, songwriter Tom Freund. And of course, we have to add to the list our own tall Texan, Jeremy. 

To all our Texan friends who've been hankering for some good old fashioned migas and queso, and to anyone who's yet to experience Frito pie from a bag, check out HomeState the next time you're on the Eastside. We'd have made it there sooner (it opened a few months ago), but we just mentioned, it's on the Eastside. Owner Briana Valdez is another transplant from Austin and can be found there most every day. If you happen to make the trip, and better yet, if you have a connection to Texas, tell Briana we say hi.

4624 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Feliz 90027

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