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Rose Ave Huts Relocate to Culver

A week ago, the Venice Victory Garden was celebrating its grand opening behind the pair of salvaged 1939 Quonset pop up huts on Rose Ave. By this afternoon, the steel structures were disassembled down to skeletal remains.

Culver City-based interior designer Matt Winter owns the huts and used one as a temporary studio for M. Winter Design. He shared the other one with New York fashion truck transplant The Styleliner. As he and his crew prepped the huts for another relocation (they've done this several times before), he explained that his lease on the vacant lot at Rose and Rennie was supposed to run through September, but due to increasing pressure from the city about unpermitted structures, the landlord had to call it quits. The lot will eventually be developed into a mixed use space, but a construction start date is still unknown and unrelated to the sudden relocation of the huts.

Winter is moving the huts to the corner of Washington and Inglewood by The Wood restaurant. And hopefully, he says, the Victory Garden can and will want to come with them. 


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