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This Flower Ave Garden Totally Kicks Grass

Happy planet day, fellow earthlings! Hopefully you've had a chance to get outdoors, if only for a quick, cold-pressed-juice break, and feel the sunshine on your nose. Maybe you've pondered your cosmetics and detergents. Are they free of harsh chemicals? Do they come in biodegradable containers? Are they tested on animals? Or maybe you're feeling inspired to experience the wonder of Mother Nature firsthand. You're finally going to get that veggie garden growing, and you're looking for inspiration. If that's the case, then feast your eyes on this. Our neighbor recently transformed her entire front lawn and parkway into a personal produce section with lettuce, and herbs, and adorable little pea shoots weaving through the front fence.

I finally had a chance to meet the green goddess responsible for this front lawn makeover. She offered me samples of snap peas, lemony ice lettuce, edible blossoms (boradge) that taste like cucumber, sweet herbs, and she walked me through her garden and greenhouse. 

There's more to come on who calls dibs on these rare and tasty garden treats and where she picked up her serious gardening and gourmet skills. Hint: If you've visited a fine French restaurant downtown in the past few months, then chances are you've enjoyed edibles from this Flower Ave garden.

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