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Now We Have Fine Wine, Exotic Sausage and Vegan Milkshakes


When we met, Whole Foods was a Big Lots and Rose Avenue was just Rose Avenue, but Baby Blues was down the street, and BYOB. It’s still our favorite spot for many reasons in addition to the mac ‘n’ cheese. Now we have fine wine, exotic sausage and vegan milkshakes within walking distance. One of the neighbors is transforming her front lawn and parkway into a gorgeous grid of container veggies, and last summer Smart & Final stocked magazines, fresh produce and cold IPAs. (This was a big deal.)

The wave of new restaurants, boutiques and salons is washing over east of the tsunami danger zone and we are directly in its path. The overnight campers that used to line our street every evening have migrated east but you can still find dollar trinkets at the Fox Mall. The neighborhood is seeking balance, hopefully without loosing its way to everything new, like a really good mix tape everyone can appreciate.

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