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Bloom Boom Pow! Spring Jasmine

St. Patrick's Day is almost here, but instead of hunting four-leaved clovers, we scouted the neighborhood for the surest sign of an L.A. spring awakening. Jasmine.

Lucky for us the neighborhood was in full bloom with billowing white clouds of the sweetly fragrant flowers. Next to succulents, jasmine has to be the happiest plant in the neighborhood, minding its own and requiring little more than an occasional quench and lots of sunshine. The restless vines tumble over gates, weave through chain-link fences, spiral up street signs and decorate everything in its path. Here are a few photos of L.A.'s most punctual perennials letting everyone know that spring is right around the corner.

DRINK ME: For a soothing sip of nature's most intoxicating springtime treat, try the jasmine tea at Cafe Gratitude on Rose. The I AM GLORIOUS jasmine green tea is infused with fresh blossoms.

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